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You can't stop the rain from falling, just like you can't stop your car from getting wet in the rain. If you aren't careful, you might also have trouble stopping your car from rusting. Unless your vehicle is properly protected, the steel components of the vehicle will start to rust, compromising the structure. Once the corrosion process starts, it's nearly impossible to stop without intervention. Luckily, the Simmons-Rockwell Group can help prevent rust with our Auto Saver System!

Auto Saver

Simmons-Rockwell offers the most technologically advanced corrosion protection system on the market. Rust shortens the life of your vehicle, ruins its appearance and greatly reduces the resale value. The Auto Saver System will maintain the appearance of your purchase and is a quality investment while you own your vehicle. Make sure to ask your salesperson how The Auto Saver System can protect your vehicle today!

How Does Auto Saver Help?

Rust can shorten the life of your vehicle by ruining its appearance and reducing its resale value down the road. With the Auto Saver System, your vehicle will be protected by Impressed Current Cathodic Protection. That's a lot to try and digest, right? Impressed Current Cathodic Protection, or ICCP, uses the electrons provided by a DC power source like a battery to protect your vehicle's metal from sustaining damage from rust. These electrons will absorb the corrosion, protecting your vehicle's structure for longer periods.

How Does It Work?

The Auto Saver System draws a tiny amount of current from the vehicle's battery and impresses into the metal through a contact point. The electrons from the current enrich the metal surfaces of the vehicle and inhibit corrosion of the iron molecules when exposed to oxygen and moisture. This system has proven its effectiveness of the technology in tests for the last 20 years.

So, how do you have the Auto Saver System equipped? All you need to do is locate the onboard diagnostic system port, allowing technicians to access and analyze your vehicle's systems data. The OBD port links directly to your vehicle's battery, making it the perfect access for your Auto Saver System. Just connect the Auto Saver Corrosion Protection Unit into the vehicle's OBD port, and you'll have protection from rust!

Eager to learn more? Reach out to our service team today. We'll show you how the Auto Saver System works and why it's the easiest choice for your vehicle's rust protection!

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