The automotive industry is facing some issues, and it can affect the way you shop for your next new car or SUV in Big Flatts, NY. Due to the pandemic, there has been a large-scale chip shortage that is changing the standard production and distribution tactics. Even though it may seem hard to impossible for shoppers to find their new car, Simmons-Rockwell has some comprehensive tips and tricks to combat these issues.

The Chip Shortage

The chip shortage is affecting industries all over the world. This shortage has to do with the semiconductor chip. From powered seats to steering wheel systems, the semiconductor chip deals with a range of inner workings in most vehicles. You can find at least one of these chips in almost every modern car, SUV, or truck, leading to an industry-wide problem.

These semiconductor chips seem simple to the eye, but they are extremely complicated to manufacture. With the pandemic and sudden changes to automotive demand, longer lead times grew quickly to a semiconductor chip standstill.

Industry and Inventory Issues

With semiconductor chips getting harder and harder to procure, distribution and inventory problems were inevitable. Manufacturers can produce as many vehicles as they want, but without one of these important chips, many of the features drivers expect will simply not work. There are many organizations looking for a fix. However, the chip and distribution issues may not clear up too soon.

How that Affects the Customer

This shortage has led to dealerships across the country not being able to meet the needs of their customers. New models are harder and harder to come by, and Horseheads, NY, shoppers are starting to feel the effects of this issue. If you are looking for that new car or SUV, there is a chance that many dealers in your area will not have the ability to assist.

Solving these Issues at Simmons-Rockwell

Although all of this news seems pretty severe, we at Simmons-Rockwell are working hard to offer some comprehensive solutions. Our professionals take their work very seriously, and you will see that quality in the response we have to this national chip shortage. Even though we, too, are experiencing less new inventory, there are some workarounds to utilize. Simply call or visit one of our dealerships in the Hornell, NY, area to take advantage of one of these options.

Reserving Your New Car or SUV

One of the new shopping tactics picking up at our dealers is reserving your new car or SUV. For those customers that know what they are looking for or simply know they want a new model, this is a great way to handle your purchase during these times. Reserving your next ride calls for patience but will ultimately ensure you get the vehicle you are looking for.

Our professionals are here to make this new shopping strategy easier for our Hallstead, PA, customers. We will walk you through the entire process and make sure you're comfortable with the time frame. Reserving a car or SUV means that we will put that model on hold for you, and you can drive it off our lot as soon as the inventory becomes available.

Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

We know that not every customer can wait for their next automotive purchase. So, if you are looking for something sooner than later, check out our certified pre-owned inventory. Although these are pre-owned vehicles, they offer a vast range of benefits to any driver.

To become certified, a pre-owned vehicle must pass a list of criteria. Our professional technicians comb through the entire model and make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. These cars and SUVs are also newer model years so that you don't feel like you are driving an outdated ride through Bath, NY. There are many more benefits to shopping our certified lineup, so consider when looking for your next purchase.

Learn More about Your Options Today

The chip shortage does not seem like it will clear up overnight, and that is why Simmons-Rockwell is working to offer comprehensive solutions. Simply visit one of our professional dealerships near Elmira to take advantage of our offers. You can also call a staff member if you are looking for more information about what is happening in the automotive industry.

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